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We equip individuals and organizations to flourish. The Flourishing Life framework is based on nearly three decades of research and experience and is intended to be holistic and comprehensive in nature. Our assessment tools and model of applied practice support a comprehensive and strengths-based approach to hearing, understanding, and responding to the unique story of every individual and organization in transformative ways. An innovative, strength-based approach that begins with “what is right” about a person rather than “what is wrong." Our research-based model cultivates personal growth through assessment, analysis, and activation of a person’s potential to flourish.

Our Approach It's about understanding the unique story of each individual, so you can respond to the story with a personalized and measurable growth plan. Our innovative, strength-based approach enables individuals and organizations to increase their capacity to experience success in new ways. With Flourishing Life, they learn to face the fear of the unknown, embrace creative approaches, and actualize the potential of what might be.
What We Do Flourishing Life embraces a strengths-based and positive psychology perspective. Our assessment and applied practice model is built on the proven principles of positive psychology which emphasizes the importance of a strengths-based approach to individual development and growth.

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"Unique support for students"
“Based upon the strengths-based model and tools developed by Dr. Wayne Hammond at Flourishing Life, we were able to clarify each student’s strengths and vulnerabilities and provide them with unique support they desperately needed.”
Don Barbor, Secondary School Principal
"A focus on well-being"
"When a middle school prioritized the well-being of their students, 97% of their students had an increased connection with an adult in school, and 88% of the students reported that the teachers spoke more about their strengths than weaknesses."
"It changed our school culture"
“The site was easy to access and the results were easy to understand. The difference for us is that we can focus on facts with the right information to make decisions. The success we experienced changed our school culture and desired outcomes.”
Renée Coulombe, Secondary School Principal

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