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Our Services Flourishing life supports individuals and organizations to assess, understand and constructively draw upon their personal strengths, environmental supports, and performance soft skills to create their desired pathway for success.

Our innovative, strengths-based approach enables individuals and organizations to increase their capacity to effectively resource and experience success in new ways. With Flourishing Life, they learn to face the fear of the unknown, embrace creative strategies, and actualize the potential of what might be.

Assessment and Tools

To support this journey, Flourishing Life provides a scientifically validated self-report questionnaire, individualized profiles, aggregated assessment outcome reports, and suggested coaching strategies to enhance the following three key aspects of flourishing: mindset orientation, resilience capacity, and competence capacity.

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Listen to the Story Our assessment and questionnaire help you listen to the story. The Flourishing Life Questionnaire (FLQ) measures the flourishing capacity of individuals through an assessment. We provide an individualized profile for every participant to help you understand their story.
Understand the Story Our profile and personalized reports help you to understand the story. We offer secure services to helps schools and community programs proactively identify the strengths and needs of every youth.
Respond to the Story Our coaching toolkit helps you to respond to the story. All Flourishing Life customers will gain access to our coaching toolkit and online support network, including step-by-step action plans, how-to videos, and a library of key insights from Dr. Wayne Hammond and other experts.

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