Our Approach

A Changing Environment As the responsibilities of those in education continue to shift toward effectively managing intellectual development, well-being, and now mental health, there is an inherent need to apply a better research-based approach to learning and growth. The existing model of education focuses primarily on identifying student “deficits” and “what’s not working." This approach highlights the failures of self and of others which often leads to a personal sense of frustration, diminished capacity to thrive, and an ability to experience positive well-being. 

Positive Psychology and the Need To Flourish

This presents an opportunity for school administrators, counselors, and teachers to take a different approach to identify and assess their school’s cultural influence and development. We at Flourishing Life believe that a culture rooted in positive psychology principles is essential to the successful management and mitigation of growth and well-being. We believe that shifting from a “deficit” based approach to a “strength” based approach will heighten the probability of a successful progression towards enabling youth to experience personal, academic, and life success. 

As society faces what is increasingly being referred to as the "mental health crisis," tools and strategies for positive well-being and understanding strengths and stressors have become an essential component of due diligence toward creating effective organizational cultures where individuals can thrive and flourish. 

Our Approach We have created a simple way for schools and communities to assess, analyze and activate the potential of every individual youth. By identifying a youth’s unique strengths and limitations, Flourishing Life supports schools and communities to effectively connect, determine, and allocate resources in meaningful ways that heighten the probability of success.

Our Model

Our revolutionary model provides educators and community workers with valuable insights that research has identified as critical for youth to flourish and experience the personal resilience and competence required to be college and career-ready as well as positive contributors to society. Our approach has three strategic steps:

Our innovative, strength-based approach enables individuals and organizations to increase their capacity to experience success in new ways. With Flourishing Life, they learn to face the fear of the unknown, embrace creative approaches, and actualize the potential of what might be. The goal of this approach is to transform your story in a successful way.

The Science Behind Flourishing Life Flourishing Life is based on nearly 25 years of research and experience and is built on the proven principles of positive psychology.

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