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What Does it Mean to Flourish?

"It is a heightened state of thriving, positive well-being and purposeful performance characterized by one’s mindset orientation, resilience capacity, strength-based competencies, and sense of purpose." - Dr. Wayne Hammond, Flourishing Life founding partner and CSO

The Flourishing Life Framework is based on nearly three decades of research and experience and is built on the proven principles of positive psychology which emphasizes the importance of a strengths-based approach to individual development and growth.

Flourishing Life is an innovative, strength-based approach that begins with “what is right” about a person rather than “what is wrong.” Our research-based model cultivates personal growth through assessment, analysis and activation of a person’s potential to flourish.

Our Mission We equip individuals and organizations to Flourish.

Our assessment tools and model of applied practice support a comprehensive and strengths-based approach to hearing, understanding, and responding to the unique story of every individual and organization in transformative ways.
Our Vision We at Flourishing Life have a vision of thriving communities around the world, where individuals explore and develop their strengths in ways that activates their potential and transforms the communities where they live.

It's time to redefine your success journey. Activating your potential isn’t a “one size fits all” program. Rather, it’s an "inside out" process of hearing, understanding, and responding to your unique story through a strengths-based lens that creates an ability to experience sustainable and meaningful success.

Our Goal: The Flourishing Outcome

Our goal is to produce a flourishing outcome in every person. Individuals who flourish:

  • Are empowered to view challenges as learning opportunities; failure is merely a purposeful springboard for the opportunity to learn and grow one's potential.

  • See themselves as a work-in-progress.

  • Believe they can continually enhance their innate resilience and competence through building upon past successes and embracing new growth opportunities outside their comfort zone.

  • Are equipped to embrace their own journey forward and contribute to the flourishing of others in their communities.

  • Are empowered to embrace a sense of optimism and purpose that is bigger than their own self-actualization.

What We Do

We embrace a strengths-based and positive psychology perspective that reflects the following:

  • Building the capacity to flourish starts with a focus on "what's right."

  • Everyone has the capacity to flourish when they feel safe, inspired, competent, and empowered.

  • Focusing on one's strengths is the key to personal and organizational thriving.

  • Positive change and true learning happen in the context of relationships.

  • Stepping outside one's comfort zone is essential to discovering new strengths and experiencing "what might be."

  • Unlocking one's potential occurs when challenges are experienced as learning opportunities.

  • Resilience and competence are the two foundational capacities required to navigate challenges in growth-fostering ways.

Our Team

Dr. Wayne Hammond

Flourishing Life Founding Partner and CSO
Over the past 25 years, Dr. Wayne Hammond has worked extensively to improve the lives and coping mechanisms of complex youth and their families and is considered a leading expert on the concepts of resilience, strengths-based practice, and positive psychology. His research and understanding of humanity’s need to be connected, valued, and empowered led him to create Flourishing Life.

In his professional career, Dr. Hammond has served in clinical supervisory capacities, worked in a comprehensive residential treatment centre, and has provided clinical services in an inpatient/outpatient forensic setting as well as an adolescent comorbidity program based in a hospital setting. He has published several scientific articles while developing an innovative framework for evaluating and assessing resilience and potential for human flourishing. He has also been an active lecturer with regard to understanding the role of human flourishing and actively holds an adjunct status with Ambrose University and the School of Medicine at the University of Calgary in Canada.

Jeff Williams

Flourishing Life Founding Partner and CEO
Jeff Williams is the co-founder and acting CEO of Flourishing Life and has a proven track record of incredible success in business. Jeff’s vision for Flourishing Life is to take Dr. Hammond’s research and apply its revolutionary concepts to Education, Business, Sports, and Social Work. Unique to Jeff’s vision is his drive to partner with transformational organizations globally, helping them measure the outcomes of their work, enabling them to scale their impact, with the Flourishing Life Platform as the data and science hub.

Jeff is also the founder and president of Absolute Results Productions Ltd (1997), a global Automotive Sales Training and Marketing Company that consults and trains for more than 2000 automotive dealers in 26 countries annually. Jeff has served in leadership for numerous non-profits organizations. Most recently as an advisor for Hope of Life in Guatemala (2015 to present) and as the founding director of the John Maxwell Leadership Foundation of Canada (2015 to 2018). Jeff is married to Carrie Williams who has served for over a decade in the faith and non-profit sector, most recently as an executive director. Jeff has four adult children.

Chris Henein

Strategic Account Manager and Privacy Officer
Chris is the Strategic Account Manager for Flourishing Life. He studied psychology at Tyndale University and completed his Graduate Studies in Management and Leadership at Royal Roads University in British Colombia. He then went on to pursue a professional career in Ottawa, Ontario on Parliament Hill.

Chris has previously worked as the Executive Assistant to the Leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition, The Honorable Andrew Scheer and Member of Parliament, Brad Redekopp. His time on Parliament Hill has consisted of working closely with a multitude of stakeholders, community groups, and Members of Parliament.

Chris is based in Toronto, Ontario.

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