Returning To School After COVID-19

Posted September 28th, 2020

“A school can create a coherent environment, a climate, more potent than any single influence ... so potent that for at least six hours a day it can override almost everything else in the lives of children.” – Ron Edmond

In light of the current challenges and impact of COVID-19, our schools and teachers have undoubtedly earned the title of “essential” as we begin to navigate the unknown. Many schools will become mental health providers by default for many of the students returning to school. A growing number of researchers suggest that there will be a significant increase in the complexity and level of student mental concerns due to the pervasive influence of COVID-19 (Prothero, 2020). 

This invites the following questions:

  • Will schools be resourced and prepared for the reintegration of students with different experiences resulting from the unprecedented impact of COVID-19?

  • Are teachers being personally supported and professionally prepared to respond to their returning students' potential challenges and varied mental health concerns?

  • Will students be traumatized and, therefore, limited in their ability to connect with and be taught by their teachers?

  • Is there a strategy for educators to discern which students will require specialized mental health support or those that can be positively engaged in healthy ways through existing school relationships and capacity-building resources?

“Things will be different and yet, the mandate of education is the same.” - Dr. Wayne Hammond, Flourishing Life founding partner and CSO

The Flourishing Life Framework is based on nearly 25 years of research and experience and is intended to be holistic and comprehensive in nature. Our framework is built on the proven principles of positive psychology, which emphasizes the importance of a strengths-based approach to individual development and growth.

The Flourishing Life suite of services is sold as a license and is accessible to a school through a secured cloud-based system. It provides a platform through which our proprietary Flourishing Life Questionnaire (FLQ) is conducted. An age-appropriate report can be provided to each student. In addition, authorized School administrators and counselors can access the individual and collective scoring results and insights through an intuitive user interface that is accessible 24/7.

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