Positive Psychology and Mental Health

Posted November 18th, 2020

Educators are shifting their focus toward catering to their student's mental health and well-being despite being in a limited in-person, hybrid, or completely online environment. Many experts are curious about how these needs will be met and what approach should be taken to meet these needs.

In a recent episode of “Talking IMPACT,” a weekly podcast organized by the Impact Society, a charitable organization based out of Calgary, Alberta, Dr. Wayne Hammond, founder and CSO of Flourishing Life, sat down with Christopher Primeau to discuss the Flourishing Life Model of positive psychology.

During this episode, Dr. Hammond discussed the potential benefits of implementing a mental health strategy built upon the foundation of positive psychology. Dr. Hammond explored what it means to reduce the stigma associated with mental health and wellbeing and addressed the potential upside to shifting to a mindset of understanding an individual’s strengths and abilities to navigate their limitations better and ultimately reach their full potential to flourish. In addition to this, Dr. Hammond touched on the notion of resilience and the impact of an individual’s environment on their ability to flourish. 

For educational institutions during these unprecedented times, this understanding and approach can revolutionize how educators cater to the unique mental health and well-being needs of their students. 

Listen to the podcast.

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